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B4B Closed Loop Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem will transform our Business Relationship from B2B as basic transaction Relationship to B4B Relationship which will more focus on collaboration to achieve Business Outcome of Our Customer

Our Ecosystem provide any services related to Supply Chain Management, Will Help your Key Supply Chain Management making better decisions to Improve Business Performance

Digital Product Catalogue

Provide Reliable and Updated Digital Catalogue for your Company Need focus on 3 TOP Categories :

  1. Office Supplies (All Product Related to Office Activities)
  2. Marketing Services (All Product Related to Marketing Activities, Promotion, Branding and CSR)
  3. Industrial Supplies (All Product related to Operation Management, Maintenance, Protection and Safety)

Vendor Sourcing and Management

Connecting Buyer directly to Experienced and Professional Supplier for Producer / Manufacturing / First Tier / Authorised Distributor), by standard on-boarding process (curation, screening and validation),

And Managing them in Standard Performance Management

Transaction Management and Analysis

Help to Manage Your End to End B2B transaction, Online to Offline, Monitoring and Tracking by

  1. Delivering Experience B2B Online Transaction easy and seamless
  2. Easy Order Tracking and Monitoring
  3. SLA Management
  4. Transaction Reporting and Analysis to help Your Key User making Better Strategic Decision
  5. Connecting to Financial Solution for your transaction spending

We take care about your concern in your Supply Chain Management

We deliver B4B Services for your supply chain to improve business decision

  • Providing reliable and Updated Product Catalog
  • Connecting to Verified Supplier and Managing with Clearly Quality Standard and Delivery Timely
  • Connecting to financial Solution to solve Financial GAP between Supplier and Buyer
  • Transaction Management Services including Warehouse and Distribution
  • Transaction Record and Analysis will be very useful to have better plan and strategic decision making
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Supplier Questions

  1. Expanding Business with less effort in customer Acquisition and easy to update product
  2. Regularly Training for Product Management and Transaction Management
  3. Easy Monitoring Order and Analysing
  4. Better Cash Flow Management

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Supplier should update the product and price  to catalogue regularly

One of the unique process, customer openly to know where the product sourced or bought

Business Partner Questions

  1. Connecting directly to Verified & Experienced Supplier
  2. Updated Product Catalogue and Easy for product searching and RFQ
  3. Transaction Analysis for Better Strategic Decision

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Submit Legal Document Company (Business Licence, Company Tax Licence, Address of Registered Company, SPPKP)

CBD, COD, Progressive with DP and Credit Term or Term of Payment

Basically we provide services to manage end to end B2B Transaction, from online (Product Searching / Sourcing, RFQ, Order Tracking and Monitoring, Reporting) to offline (Fulfilment Management, Relationship Management)

B4B premise more sustain business relationship focus on customer business outcomes,

Closed loop Ecosystem means all business relationship and transaction will only for eligible partners or member, following highly standard and qualities of business

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Join as Business Partner, Your Company will take any Benefit from Ecosystem to Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Lets Expanding your Business

Join as Supplier Partner, Your Company will have potentially expand business by Increasing Service Qualities, Automatically acquire potential customer, Standard Business Process and SLA Management


Build B4B Closed Loop Ecosystem in ONE WADAH, Leverage B2B Business to become More Sustain and Gain Mutual Benefit for All Parties, by Transforming B2B to B4B relationship