Wadahin.id is B4B Closed Loop Ecosystem, Collaborating All Parties in Supply Chain Management To Leverage B2B Business become more Sustain and Gain Mutual Benefit between All Parties, Especially for Supplier and Buyer,

We Deliver B4B Services in Supply Chain Management to transform B2B to B4B Relationship

B4B shifting focus from you / supplier / vendor to Customer

The Business will be driven to deliver experience than only sell  product to customer

Closed Loop Ecosystem means The Ecosystem only for eligible business partner who have the same goals and interest

B4B Business Relationship give long term relationship and focus on Business Outcome

Collaborating all stakeholder in Supply Chain (Buyer, Seller, Warehouse and Shipment (Logistic), Financial Solution) become to one ecosystem, will drive the business to be more sustain and controllable since The Ecosystem will be ruled and managed by the same interest and goal to Gain mutual benefit for all member

Closed Loop Ecosystem will ensure and keep the business process and cycle will be balance and protect the business sustainability

Supplier who expect to expand the business and have feasibilities to forecast and secure their revenue

Business Partner or Buyer or Company who expect to have feasibility and control of their supply chain capability to support their business goals

If You already interest, Its very easy to Join by submitting your legal document company or Just contact our CRM, by email to partner@wadahin.id

The Ecosystem will deliver long term relationship to make business growth and sustainability

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